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May 2016

Using a Wood Photo Box For Family Memories

If you have several family photos and you want to keep them nice a wood photo box is an excellent choice. It will protect all your photos and it is also decorative. Some of these boxes even have a photo frame right on the front, so you can display a photo and make it into a nice decoration.

These useful items can take the place of a scrapbook since they will hold dozens of pictures. That’s OK if you are tired of placing the photos into those pages and do not have as much time to do it anymore. There is also longevity to consider. As pictures age they sometimes fade and can become damaged by water and other elements. A durable, wooden photo box can help prolong the life of your memories.

As far as storing photos, you simply can not beat them. They can be boxed up and in a storage container and will hold up better than an album. Using them to share pictures is also easy.

Some people like to keep theirs close at hand so they can take out images and share them with company. It is a little easier than passing around a book full of pictures and newsclippings. If you use both, it will save space. You can add just your paper memories to the album pages and store all the pictures in the wood photo box.

They come in several styles and designs as well. From maple to walnut, they can be finished in almost any color and made from any species of wood. There are decorative and simple ones as well. The most useful include a real frame right on the front or on multiple sides. It is a benefit because you don’t have to buy frames for the pictures you want to display all the time.

Photo Boxes Keep Your Pictures Safe

We take pictures to hold on to past moments, so that we can take them out, look at them, and remember. Over a lifetime, most of us will amass a large quantity of photos. And while the prevalance of digital photography means that many pictures taken nowadays are never printed, there’s still something special about holding a real photo that digital just can’t equal. That’s why we want to take good care of the photos that we have, so that we’ll hopefully always be able to enjoy them.

Using archival grade photo boxes to store your precious photos is a good strategy for keeping them safe. The benefit of using purchased boxes to using just any old box for storing photos is that you can know they are acid free. This means that acid won’t come into contact with your photos, causing them to discolor or worse. Archival photo storage boxes are also constructed with stronger materials (usually some type of archival quality board)and can also have reinforced edges to provide protection where you are most likely to need it. Also important, especially for people with a lot of photos, is that these boxes are stackable, where shoeboxes might collapse if you attempted to stack a lot of them.

As mentioned, it is very important to use photo storage boxes made with acid free paper. Beyond that, considerations include how many photos can be stored in each box. It’s a good idea to keep organized, and you can use dividers for this purpose. Archival photo boxes will often come with these dividers, but you can also purchase them or make your own.

It you have a few photos that are very special, you might consider using wooden photo boxes or leather photo boxes. Wood photo boxes often have a place in the lid to place and display your photo, and you can store more inside. These can make great gifts to family members or close friends, especially if you include pictures of you together in the box. Leather photo boxes are for those that want something more elegant and formal looking.

You may also wish to get photo frame jewelry boxes to display a photo and allow you to store your accessories in them.

Where to Find Decorative Folding Photo and Storage Boxes

Photos are precious because it shows the good times that you had in the past. This is one reason why many individuals collect photos to remind them of their happy times with their loved ones. At present, many people are getting more and more interested in storing their photos digitally. But if you don’t want to do this, you can go for decorative folding photo and storage boxes.

By logging online, you can choose among a wide range of products and designs. Here are some of the available products in some of the major online stores:

1. folding photo boxes in polka dots, sweet, pink, princess stripes; available in case packs.

2. storage boxes available in different colors – fuchsia, turquoise, black, white, red, lime green, yellow, royal blue, blue, lime, purple, and polka dots (blue, pink, lime, purple)

3. kids photo storage box available in zebra, blue camouflage, pink camouflage, green camouflage, leopard, red flower

The choices available for photo storage boxes and decorative folding photo storage can be very overwhelming. Choosing among them is a difficult task however, if you know what you want and just simply trust your taste, you can purchase the photo storage box of your dreams.

There are hundreds of online stores that can cater to your needs. This too will take some of your time because you need to check different sites. But if you have friends and relatives who frequently shop online, you can ask them for the good online store sites that you can visit.

You can also check popular search engines online. Some online sites provide details regarding the prices of storage boxes but there are also those who don’t give out their prices until you finally make a purchase. Now, if price is a an important factor for you when purchasing a storage box for your photos, check out only the sites that allows you to view the prices. This way, you can compare the designs and prices. This will also help you in choosing immediately the items that you like based on the prices.

For those who don’t consider the price as a determining factor when choosing the right decorative folding photo and storage boxes, you simply have to choose the best design that you like and then purchase the items and have them delivered to your door. Of course, when you’re shopping online, you need to provide your credit card number so that the transaction is credited to your account. This is a disadvantage for those who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards.

Fantastic Photography Tips

The first ten fantastic photography tips were so sought after, I have put together ten more. The next set of tips will help you take even better photos whether they are humble holiday snaps or your first attempts at art photography.

1. Celebrity stance

A trick favoured by celebrities is angling one shoulder slightly towards the camera, this gives an instantly more elegant and slender look.

2. Light

When photographing in low light, if you don’t want to use flash, try bumping up your ISO setting to 800 or 1600. Back lighting is a great way to emphasis strong shapes and gives a really artistic feel to a photo. A reflector, or even a piece of white card, is an easy way to vary the amount of light falling onto your subject. This is particularly useful for portraits and still life shots.

3. Group shots

For large group shots its worth getting sizeable photo enlargements printed up so you can be sure of seeing everyone clearly.

4. Learn from the pros

Become a regular at photography exhibitions, seeing others’ work will help give you your own ideas for themes and projects to try.

5. Correct the crop

Re-cropping an image before ordering photo prints can make all the difference between a simple snapshot and a professional looking print.

6. Always carry a camera

The first rule of photography is to always carry your camera. If you haven’t got it with you, you won’t be able to take that award-winning shot! Just one of the many reasons camera phones are so popular.

7. On an angle

Try tilting your camera at a strong angle to get a much more interesting perspective. It will give your photos a whole new look.

8. Mirror image

Seeking symmetry in your photos can be very exciting. Look for interesting examples such as reflections in lakes or puddles, or many modern buildings have reflective surfaces which are fun to play around with.

9. Perfect timing

Think before you click! By waiting just a few seconds for people to either walk into or out of your shot, depending on the look you’re after, can make all the difference.

10. Picture the gift

Give your photos as a great personalised gift whether it is a giant poster, printed t-shirt or framed for your friends. Use Photobox for the great gift of giving.