How to Properly Store Photos

Photographs are more than just pieces of paper, they are reminders of a life once lived, and cherished relics that hopefully one day future generations will gather around to enjoy. But unfortunately, most people store these snapshots of time in dusty boxes, tucked away in an attic or garage, leaving them to decay with time. To prevent damage or loss of these priceless photos, why not store your precious heirlooms in a self storage unit, where they are guaranteed to be kept safe and clean. To help you preserve these valuables, here are a few tips to ensure that your photographs will withstand the test of time while kept in storage:

  • Take a day and organize you pictures into categories. For example: Hawaii Vacation, Jimmy’s first birthday, Pictures of mom and dad, etc.
  • Before storing your photos, make sure they to dust them. Use a soft cloth or brush to avoid any unwanted scratching of the images
  • Once you have organized your photos into categories, put each category of pictures in a small box (Hint: a shoe box is great for this step). Make sure to label each box, so you know exactly what each box contains when you look through them in the future
  • Never use a rubber band to bind stacks of photos, because the moisture in the band could fade the image while the strength of the band may bend the edges of the photo.
  • Combine as many small boxes as you can in a larger cardboard box and seal the box with packaging tape. This will prevent dust from accumulating on your pictures. Make sure to label this box with the contents of the pictures inside, so that you will have no trouble trying to find the pictures you are looking for.
  • For larger priceless photos like 8×10 images, put them in a large zip lock bag and store them in a separate box to prevent them from bending
  • If you own large framed photos, use masking tape to tape an “X” on the glass to prevent shattering. Store larger framed photos like this sealed in a large bag or mirror box wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • Never roll large, unframed poster sized photos. Doing so will alter the shape and the integrity of the image. Instead, place the poster between to large pieces of cardboard and secure them with packing tape. Be sure not to let the tape make contact with the picture.
  • Never store your photos where they are exposed to sunlight. Photos subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade over time.
  • To prevent your photos from sticking together, separate them with sheets of acid free tissue paper. This is particularly important when storing photos in areas of high temperature or humidity, such as a San Diego self storage facility.

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