Photo Boxes Keep Your Pictures Safe

We take pictures to hold on to past moments, so that we can take them out, look at them, and remember. Over a lifetime, most of us will amass a large quantity of photos. And while the prevalance of digital photography means that many pictures taken nowadays are never printed, there’s still something special about holding a real photo that digital just can’t equal. That’s why we want to take good care of the photos that we have, so that we’ll hopefully always be able to enjoy them.

Using archival grade photo boxes to store your precious photos is a good strategy for keeping them safe. The benefit of using purchased boxes to using just any old box for storing photos is that you can know they are acid free. This means that acid won’t come into contact with your photos, causing them to discolor or worse. Archival photo storage boxes are also constructed with stronger materials (usually some type of archival quality board)and can also have reinforced edges to provide protection where you are most likely to need it. Also important, especially for people with a lot of photos, is that these boxes are stackable, where shoeboxes might collapse if you attempted to stack a lot of them.

As mentioned, it is very important to use photo storage boxes made with acid free paper. Beyond that, considerations include how many photos can be stored in each box. It’s a good idea to keep organized, and you can use dividers for this purpose. Archival photo boxes will often come with these dividers, but you can also purchase them or make your own.

It you have a few photos that are very special, you might consider using wooden photo boxes or leather photo boxes. Wood photo boxes often have a place in the lid to place and display your photo, and you can store more inside. These can make great gifts to family members or close friends, especially if you include pictures of you together in the box. Leather photo boxes are for those that want something more elegant and formal looking.

You may also wish to get photo frame jewelry boxes to display a photo and allow you to store your accessories in them.