Tips On How To Remove Background Images Using Photoshop Software

Whether you are a professional graphic designer or you like editing photos for fun, you can easily remove the background using professional graphic design software. One of the best programs that you should consider using is Photoshop. If you have never used the program before, here is a guide on how to remove the background from your photo.

How To Remove Background Using Photoshop

You should start by opening the Photoshop program. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the program opens successfully before you do anything. Once it has opened you should load the photo that you want to edit. To do this you only need to click the “File” tab on the upper left corner of the screen. You should then select “Open” and locate the photo that you are interested in.

After loading the photo you should move it to the extraction platform. To do this you need to click on the “filter” tab in the navigation menu and then choose the “Extract” action. Doing this will automatically result to the photo being redirected to the “Extraction” platform.

Using your marker tool, you should outline the portion of the photo that you want to keep. After doing this a temporary digital paint will appear around the outermost area that you want to keep. You should click the paint bucket icon and the outlined area will be filled with paint.

You should confirm that you want to remove the background by clicking “OK.” When you click “OK” your photo will be directed back to the Photoshop canvas and you will see it with the background already removed.

You should remove any excess of the background by right clicking on the eraser image icon. To make the edges cleaner and precise you should clean the photo’s outline.

If the eraser tool is too large, you should adjust the size of the brush by clicking on the arrow above the brush. You can easily change the size of the brush by moving its lever from left to right. You should note that you will get the smallest size when you move the lever to the left.

You should give your photo a final look and if satisfied you should save it by clicking “File” and then “Save As.” You should name your photo and click “Save” to close the new photo and store it in the hard drive of your computer.