Using a Wood Photo Box For Family Memories

If you have several family photos and you want to keep them nice a wood photo box is an excellent choice. It will protect all your photos and it is also decorative. Some of these boxes even have a photo frame right on the front, so you can display a photo and make it into a nice decoration.

These useful items can take the place of a scrapbook since they will hold dozens of pictures. That’s OK if you are tired of placing the photos into those pages and do not have as much time to do it anymore. There is also longevity to consider. As pictures age they sometimes fade and can become damaged by water and other elements. A durable, wooden photo box can help prolong the life of your memories.

As far as storing photos, you simply can not beat them. They can be boxed up and in a storage container and will hold up better than an album. Using them to share pictures is also easy.

Some people like to keep theirs close at hand so they can take out images and share them with company. It is a little easier than passing around a book full of pictures and newsclippings. If you use both, it will save space. You can add just your paper memories to the album pages and store all the pictures in the wood photo box.

They come in several styles and designs as well. From maple to walnut, they can be finished in almost any color and made from any species of wood. There are decorative and simple ones as well. The most useful include a real frame right on the front or on multiple sides. It is a benefit because you don’t have to buy frames for the pictures you want to display all the time.